Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best Seller!

I illustrated this book over the winter, for Flashlight press. (some really great people over there!) I hope to do another book with them soon. Recently found out that the book is a best seller on amazon! #11 So much more than I planed for my first kids book.  BTW, thanks my and son at barns an noble, just making sure my book is actually there and I'm not dreaming lol :)


  1. Bah, now your prices will go up and I won't be able to afford you for my monster book! ;)

    Congratulations Zac! Looks amazing.

    1. haha Thanks man! but i would much rather do fun projects then high paying unfun projects!

  2. Hi Zac, i have one much time did u spend in one scene of the glue book..thanxx a lot...great work.